About Me


Hi! Thank you for visiting my website.  I’m Stefano and I’m an Italian photographer based in Sydney, Australia.  I’ve always loved photography and it was in early 2017 when I started taking it more seriously as a way to escape my daily routine and to spend more time outdoors. My passion for photography helps me discover new places and live new adventures.

It all started when I left Italy five years ago to find new opportunities, I bought my first DSLR camera and taught myself how to take photos as an excuse to go out and explore my new surroundings. I studied architecture in Italy and worked for long time as a draftsman. Always passionate about the Internet, I then decided that I was going to become a professional web developer and change my career, so I learned how to program, and make websites. Today I work as a Front-end Engineer during the week and take photos during the weekends.

I started this blog hoping that my images can inspire others to do the same. You will find stories about my photography adventures, gear reviews, tutorials and more. Please reach out to me, share your comments and ideas and let me know your point of view. I really care about it!

Just me walking with my camera